Duilio Vallebuona reappears after AMPAY with Samantha Batallanos and MEDITA: “It helps me manage my emotions” [VIDEO]

With him isn’t it? Duilio Vallebuona is on everyone’s lips after being part of a double ampay for Samantha Batallanos, with whom he was caught kissing, and who also kissed Jonathan Maicelo a day later. Until now, he has preferred to remain silent and this time he did it again.

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Through their social networks, The tennis player finally decided to break his silence and although he did not mention the subject directly, he did appear calm before his followers after being caught kissing the model

After the broadcast of the compromising images, duilio vallebuona reappeared in his stories of instagram and in a short clip, he showed off meditating, without saying the name of Samantha Batallanosnor of Jonathan Maicelowith whom he was involved.

“Starting the day meditating helps me manage all my emotions. I highly recommend them,” he wrote. the ex-member of Combatwhich today looks like the jale of Esto es bacán, the program by Gian Piero Díaz and Rossana Fernández Maldonado.

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Jonathan Maicelo knew that Samantha Batallanos had a boyfriend

Let’s remember that although duilio vallebuona has avoided commenting on the images that link him to Samantha Batallanos, the one who did decide to speak loud and clear was Jonathan Maiceloas evidenced in the latest edition of Magaly TV The Firm.

The boxer admitted that he was aware that the young woman had a romantic relationship with another man. “She (by Samantha Batallanos) has her boyfriend as far as I know,” he said in conversation with a reporter from the Magaly Medina program, later denying that she was “her lover” of her. “I’m not saying anything like that,” he said.