Duilio Vallebuona remembers how he was unfaithful to Michela Elías: “It affected him and I regret it”

The tennis player Duilio Vallebuona recalled in the “COM FM” podcast with Mario Irivarren and Fabianne Hayashida how he was unfaithful to the exchica reality Michela Elias. He even said that since they broke up, he has remained single, that is, since 2017.

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The ex-boy reality, duilio vallebuonaHe acknowledged that what he did was not right and revealed details of how he was unfaithful, although he was somewhat uncomfortable when narrating what happened. “I made a mistake, I took her out drunk one day. She told it in Magaly and she told the whole story. It’s a very strong story.”

“I went out on a Sunday and a friend from Spain had come and well we took Acho and balanced my vacations, I took too much and she didn’t go (Michaela) and it’s not that they support me. The girl calls Michaela in front of me because there was his name came out and he wanted me to retract it,” he added Duilio Vallebuona.

Finally, duilio vallebuona He acknowledged that being unfaithful to Michela Elías was a big mistake, but he wishes the ex-chica reality the best. “The girl was not known. In the end I think it was a mistake, I accept it and it affected her a lot and I regret it. I wish her the best. I have always wished her the best and that she does well. I’m from there only since 2017.”

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Why did Duilio Vallebuona reject EEG and Combat?

In the same podcast, duilio vallebuona revealed why he refused to enter Esto Es Guerra y Combate. He stated that it was because he thought that those programs were for showbiz people. However, today he is grateful for the opportunity.

“She tells me that they were taking ‘Challenge of Champions’. The truth is that I had always rejected Esto Es Guerra o Combate because I said that it was for faranduleros, literally. That’s what he said, but he didn’t understand what was coming back,” he said. duilio vallebuona.