Duilio Vallebuona reveals why he rejected Combate and Esto Es Guerra: “He said it was for show business”

The tennis player and former reality boy, Duilio Vallebuona was on the “COM FM” podcast with Mario Irivarren and Fabianne Hayashida and revealed why he did not accept being in This is War and Combat. He explained that he entered ‘Challenge of Champions’ because he was from classified athletes. In addition, he said that he rejected the other programs because he thought they were showbiz people.

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“It was really crazy, I had been called by Esto Es Guerra years before and I had rejected it because I was playing professional tennis and once I retired from tennis and settled in Peru, I started modeling and Marisol Croussillat saw me there” , was the first thing that counted Duilio Vallebuona.

Next, the tennis player told the concept he had of the boys who were in This is war. She stated that he did not understand what was behind all the effort they make. “She tells me that they were releasing ‘Reto de Campiones’. The truth is that I had always rejected This Is War or Combat because I said that it was for faranduleros, literally. That’s what I said, but I didn’t understand what was coming back.”

“I didn’t want to get involved in any of that and they call me for the ‘Challenge of Champions’ and they tell me that only high-performance athletes were going to enter and I was among the first to arrive and I see her arrive in China and I said: ‘ What have I gotten myself into’ and then I liked him super well”, he continued counting.

Finally, duilio vallebuona revealed how he ended up entering Esto Es Guerra, despite the fact that he did not want to at first. “The program lasted 3 months and after Peter called and told me that they wanted to introduce me to EEG and I didn’t go to the program and entered EEG.”

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What did Magaly say to Duilio Vallebuona?

the journalist Magaly Medina said to duilio vallebuona that he would never have made a note about his puppy if he had not been caught with Samantha Batallanos in full swing, when she was also dating Jonathan Maicelo.

the magpie Magaly Medina commented that it was thanks to the coverage that he had the loss of ‘Tank’, that 15 days after his search, could be found. But, he also gave credit to the model Samantha Batallanoswho starred in a double ampay.