Dulce María revealed a lawsuit with Anahí

Sweet Maria, Anahi, Maite Perroni, Christian chavez, Christopher Uckermann and Poncho Herrera, they are part of the popular group RBD, which between 2004 and 2008 emulated the success of the original Argentine group, Rebel way.

As reviewed by People magazine in Spanish, the actors Y singers Mexicans were gathered in an intense way due to the constant tours and presentations that they had to carry out; In addition, at the beginning, they continued with the recordings of the soap opera Rebelde. This coexistence caused disagreements; one of them, arose between Anahi Y Sweet Maria, according to what the composer also announced.

“We once quarreled Anahi and I, in Brazil. It’s not true, it wasn’t in Brazil, it was in McAllen, I don’t remember why, “he revealed. Sweet Maria in an interview with Yordi Rosado (YouTube). “In the end we were both like that together; we went to eat and everyone was like ‘what happened’. But we talked, we had that communication and we made everything flow.”

In fact, the singer explained how her personal relationship has been with her colleague, whom she has known for many years. “[En la época de RBD] I got along well with her, “he confessed.

“There were many stages. On the one hand, Anahi I have known her since I was very little. So, there is like a genuine affection for many years, but it is also a fag, but it is known to be like that. You know how he is “, he added.” He is very intelligent and also gives himself to love a lot. “

Sweet Maria She also made it clear that the conflicts never escalated and in general she had a good relationship with everyone, including Alfonso Herrera, who was her boyfriend for a time. In addition, all put aside their interpersonal conflicts when it came to fulfilling their work commitments. “With Maite at the beginning we started to get along a lot. With Christian I have always gotten along well,” he explained.

“We were very professional, in the shows we were always good, in the recordings the same. Each one, their personal things were apart,” he emphasized. “It is a connection that we made for a lifetime. Regardless of whether we wanted to or not, how long we take now or not, it is something that connected us forever.”