Earthquake in Peru: the apps that alert you to an earthquake seconds before it happens

Peru It is a highly seismic country due to its location on the western edge of the region, therefore, it is necessary to be attentive to any possible tremor or earthquake occur and take all due precautions. An essential element that everyone should have at home is a emergency backpack also, in case we have a smartphone or iPhone we can download apps that alert seconds before the users on a telluric movement.

The last earthquake developed in the Amazon of this sunday November 28 has turned on the alarms in our country, so these Applications take even greater importance for the Peruvian population, who will not only be able to see the real time of these natural disasters, but also warn about the epicenter and the possible aftershocks that will occur.

Learn in this note the apps that you must download so that your cell phone alerts you about an upcoming earthquake or earthquake:

Earthquake Detector

You can download this application for free from iOS Store or PlayStore to be able to have in mobile devicel The function of alerting you between 2 to 5 seconds, by means of a sound or vibration, about an earthquake that appears near your location.

In addition to this alert, the app It will allow you to know the exact place of the natural disaster, its magnitude, depth, and even the radius of impact. Similarly, the user will also be able to access reports of tremors manuals sent by other people, and you can locate friends or family thanks to the option Safety Check.


Like Sismo Detector, this app developed by UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory determines in which zone there will be telluric movement with a maximum of 2 seconds in advance. MyShake offers the option to configure the alert as a custom sound or a vibration so you can evacuate quickly and warn those around you.

Peru earthquakes

This free application belongs to Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP). Through location by Gps and user data, the app is intended to issue event notifications seismic reported in real time by the entity.

Through the maps of Google will be able to indicate the magnitude and other details of the tremors that may occur in Lima or in any other region of the Peru. In addition, there is a way with which we can manage emergency alerts if we are in danger; for example, we can call the firefighters ambulances policeman and even a trusted contact.

Here we bring you the phone numbers that you must schedule in case WhatsApp fails.

The 7.5 earthquake that shook Amazon This Sunday, November 28, it has been felt in three countries in the region (Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela), according to preliminary reports.

The telluric movement was recorded this dawn with its epicenter 98 kilometers east of Santa María de Nieva in Condorcanqui, Amazonas, northern jungle of Peru, at a depth of 131 kilometers.

Earthquakes with depths between 70 and 300 kilometers, details the US Geological Survey, generally cause less damage on the surface, although they can be felt at great distances.

The National Service for Risk and Emergency Management of Ecuador (SNGRE) confirmed that the event was felt in twenty provinces, including Loja, Pichincha, Guayas and Manabí.

In the canton Saraguro there is a destroyed house; in the Loja canton, a collapsed church and several houses. This panorama is similar in the canton of Zamora Chinchipe. On Loja south of the country, a part of the structure of the entrance to the La Dolorosa school fell on the road, El Comercio collects.

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