Easter: what to pack?

Holy Week It is just around the corner. By now you surely know where you will enjoy your holiday and have all the logistics of the trip organized, but have you thought about what you need to take with you to take care of yourself and look spectacular in the photos that you will post on your social networks? In case not, you’re still on time. Take note of these articles and pieces that you can find in local shops to spend a perfect vacation.


Forbidden to leave the house without a sunscreen. It is recommended that you choose one that suits the needs of your skin and that you touch it up several times a day. @pondsrd has several options.


To counteract the effects of the sun, chlorine and salt on your skin, include in your Baggage a body moisturizer. This one from @avene.rd is ideal because it provides multiple nutrients.

Moisturizing soap with sunscreen

Did you know that there are soaps that protect from the sun’s rays? They do not replace the use of sunscreen, but they do allow you to take care of your skin even more. If it’s moisturizing and lightening by the way, like this one from @propiel.do, much better!

a maxi dress

The maxi dresses They are very on trend. Their great advantage is that, despite their length, they are super comfortable and cool, so they are perfect for a day at the beach or pool. In case you plan to go to the resort this holiday, consider a model like this one from @bonitafashiont for one of your evening looks.

Denim shorts to match

The good thing about denim shorts is that you can combine them with many tops and even with a swimsuit. That is why they are the star piece when it comes to vacationing. At @zavekia you can find different models in different shades of denim.

Tailor-made swimsuits

Finding a swimsuit that suits your tastes and needs is not always an easy task, but luckily there are stores with concepts like @algarenaswimwear, where you can buy custom-made swimsuits, both for you and for your partner or family. .

Beach outing to complement your swimsuit

Crochet is back this season and the best way to wear it on your vacation is on a beach outing like this one from @kbstores. It is the perfect complement to any swimsuit.

custom hat

The hat is a ‘must’, because in addition to giving a fashion touch to any beach outfit, it helps protect you from the sun. At @urbanastorerd they have very cool designs personalized by the artist Nathaly de los Santos.

Combination caps

In case hats aren’t quite your thing, consider one of these caps from @minisord’s Mickey Mouse collection. The good thing is that you can combine them with your partner or children.

Jewelry to make ‘layering’

The layering in jewelry is super fashion and it is a trend that you can combine perfectly with your beach or pool looks. If you combine metallic tones with color, even better, like this set from @parfoisrd.

the perfect bag

The perfect bag for the beach? The one in which you can fit everything you need without having to sacrifice style. At @lattdo there are very cool options that you can choose from.

waterproof bundle

In addition to the bag, don’t forget to bring a waterproof bag where you can store wet towels and swimsuits. This one from @tienda_chinola is ideal.

very stylish sandals

Footwear is a fundamental part of any outfit, so no calypsos. Consider one of these super chic sandals from @bakersrd.

Wedge espadrilles

If you are allergic to flats or in the itinerary of your trip there are activities that are a little more formal, platform espadrilles are the perfect footwear because of how comfortable they are. If you are looking for a model that attracts attention, this one in wine red from @norkinas is a good option.

Protection for your eyes

Just as the sun affects skin and hair, it can also cause vision damage. That is why it is important that you carry UV protection sunglasses with you, and, beware, the fact that they are dark does not mean that they protect from the sun. These are from @optimaxdr.

Beach towel

What should you look for in a beach towel? Make sure it’s the right thickness for your beach bag, made of a material that absorbs enough and is easy to shake off the sand. This model from @dkdastorerd meets these requirements.

Scarf to protect your hair

It is forbidden to go to the beach without something to protect your hair. In addition to the sun, saltpeter also contributes to dry hair, so consider taking one of these cute scarves from @inkaaccesorios.

emergency kit

You never know what might happen, so it’s best to be prepared. So take with you a first aid kit that you can buy when you buy at @farmaciacarol.