Eating in Madrid: delicious ‘Duck confit’ in Taberna Los Gallos

It is 1:00 in the afternoon. For me it’s lunch time. For the people of Madrid, on the other hand, it is the appetizer. Before 2:00 in the afternoon, they rarely sit at the table to eat. On foot, through the Salamanca district,

Alexis and I arrived on Jorge Juan street to the so-called Callejón de Puigcerdá, a short pedestrian artery also known as Callejón Jorge Juan. I take a look at the terraces of the six restaurants that work next to each other. Of those that are already open, Taberna Los Galles is the one that catches my attention. On their terrace, in this summer of 2022, they cooled with fans that spray water.

In winter they heat with nightstands. We go inside, with air conditioning, whose decoration with plants provides a feeling of relaxation in the bar area. Here I sit at a table whose stool with backrest and footrest is very comfortable. (There is another floor with lounges). In the sections, next to whiskeys, I visualize bottles of Ron Brugal 1888. At a nearby table, the chatty parishioners compete with the music projected by the loudspeakers. The waiter brings us tortilla and bread, which my son tastes with olive oil. It’s excellent quality even though, he says, a couple of pieces don’t look fresh from the oven.

Suddenly, I’m stunned to hear a voice exclaim ‘What the fuck do they have here?’ It is a waiter who has collided with the decoration of a table that he is going to serve. What a reaction! Behind the bar, the young man who serves us is also busy, wearing black gloves, cutting oranges and removing olives from a jug to place in small cups.

Since traveling also implies gastronomy tourism, I am looking for a dish that would be unusual for me to eat in Santo Domingo: ‘Duck confit with corn cream and pears in red wine’. It’s delicious! I accompany it with red wine Marqués de Legarda. Given that this restaurant’s menu offers half a portion of many dishes Alexis, since his thing is to have a light lunch and a heavy dinner, he orders only half a portion of croquettes. Very good.

For dessert I choose Tiramisu with caramel ice cream. For a good meal, at a good price, Taberna Los Gallos is an excellent option. (My son, Alexis Ramos Brusíloff, and I took the photos for this article in the LISTÍN DIARIO).


A glass of M. Legarda wine, €3.30; 1 Duck confit, €19; 1 Tiramisu, 7.20; 2 bread and appetizer, 5.00; ½ Croquettes, €8; 1 Solan water, 2.85.


There are six restaurants in the Puigcerdá alley. In addition to Los Gallos there is El Bibero, La Giralda, Sottosopra, Cinco Jotas, La Máquina.