EBT awards the ‘Oscar’ to Giovanni Ciccia for his outstanding performance as Diego Montalvan: “I always wanted one”

They reward him for his great performance! In the last week, the program There is room in the background has perplexed its thousands of viewers who follow the Peruvian series, after Diego Montalvan, played by Giovanni Ciccia, found out that his son Cristóbal cheated on him because he did not study to be a chef in Spain and he reacted by throwing him out of Francesca Maldini’s house .

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The sensitive scene was commented on social networks, becoming a trend, so the Peruvian actor was invited to the program En boca de todos to talk about this performance and receive an award.

“Do we give him the ‘Oscar’ or not friends?” asked Tula Rodríguez. “Of course, I know Giovanni, not even in Django that bad”, replied Ricardo Rondón.

“The Oscar for best actor, here it is for Giovanni Ciccia,” added the driver. “I always wanted to have an Oscar, I’m going to put it out there,” replied the actor, laughing at the award.

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Giovanni Ciccia: “People will forget their sorrows by watching national comedies”

The national actor is part of the film “The Presidential Band”, a film that went into theaters and criticizes the political class.

“It is a very current issue, very local. It talks about the situation we live in, but everything based on a comedy, many people will surely feel identified and will identify more than one character. There is no better way than to talk about these issues with humor, through humor you can also criticize. Many people will forget their sorrows by watching comedy,” he stated.