Eco-Deco, the new ecological decoration

Decorating the home with the planet in mind, that is the key to today’s homes: “we are once again focusing on the rebirth of our planet, with a growing sense of individual responsibility,” explains the expert in decor Natalia Zubizarreta.

Balance, equal to color in the decor



In general, this environmental feeling, which increased more during the pandemic and the quarantines, will also have its visual factor, as Zubizarreta explains: “the solidarity and ecological awareness is still very present and materializes in natural color palettes” .

In this way, “we will seek contact with nature in the form of earth colours: ocher, green, terracotta”. Additionally, color theory and its meanings will translate into decorating decisions.

Therefore, “optimism is fostered in more vibrant colours: oranges, luminous greens… The blue tones soothe with a lightness and clarity that recalls the elements of air and water. Purple is spiritual and serene”, says the interior designer.

Once again, those who are most aware are the most recent generations: “Young people will bet on bright and positive colors to raise endorphin levels, while they seek fun and improve their mood: from here arise the most daring palettes of the trends for 2023 with colors like bright orange, blue or green”.

Let’s remember that color can calm or activate us, clear our minds or jump-start our creativity. For the more restrained, if you want to feel your home as a temple of peace, bet on soft, natural tones that evoke nature.

Expert tip: “Softness and delicacy is the key for me.”

energy efficiency and sustainability

Eco-Deco, the new ecological decoration


Ecological savings will be key in decorative trends. (PHILIP SCHEFFEL. NATALIA ZUBIZARRETA STUDIO)

Zubizarreta is clear that “the new interior design advocates integrating solutions that contribute to energy efficiency”. In other words, it is not just about connecting with nature through the visual, but about avoiding waste.

This is seen in the way of taking care of the facilities in new homes: “from electrical appliances with the best energy classification and efficient taps with which to save water, to enclosures that guarantee thermal and acoustic insulation or home automation technologies to optimize energy expenditure” says Natalia.

In addition, there are decorative options that help to protect homes without wasting energy: “one of my favorite options for flooring is wall-to-wall carpeting, the designs have become more elegant and the durability has improved, at the same time which provides a pleasant texture for the feet.

Thus, covering walls and floors can be an alternative: “many of the selections of carpets have protective properties for pets in the fiber, which makes everyone win, not to mention that they are often made of wool, which is a fiber natural that can be cleaned.

Expert tip: “Replace incandescent and halogen lamps with LEDs, which consume four times less.”

Open the window to nature

Eco-Deco, the new ecological decoration


Decorating the home with the planet in mind, that is the key to today’s houses. (PHILIP SCHEFFEL. NATALIA ZUBIZARRETA STUDIO)

But in the end it is not only about taking care of the planet, but about feeling that our home is part of it. “The connection with nature causes calm. It invites us to stop and calm our pace of daily hustle and bustle”, says Natalia.

To do this, he indicates that “we must let the plants form part of the decor”. And here is his advice for it: “place them in an original and fun way, choosing those that transport us to places that make us dream”.

Those who have outdoor spaces have it easy, but “if it’s not through the views or the windows, you can decorate with them inside the house.” And it is that biophilia, that fascination for green nature, continues to be a trend and makes indoor plants fashionable.

Zubizarreta believes that this love for plants is due to the fact that “they inspire calm, serenity and harmony, but also have a revitalizing effect on our state of mind, like a wonderful day outdoors.”

Natural materials will also help to reinforce this connection: “Silk and linen are the main materials of the wallpapers that are my devotion,” says Natalia Zubizarreta.

The interior designer explains that “while silk brings a unique luminosity to spaces, linen is the perfect canvas for any work of art thanks to its top-quality fibers.” For this reason, these fabrics will be key when choosing the textile elements of the home.

Expert tip: “A table or a shelf full of plants can become the center of attention, even if we have little space, add a floor lamp. Et voilà”.

So, they already have it: plants, automation, energy saving and colors that evoke nature will make yours an ecological and evocative home.

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