Ecuador: reality boy was murdered in his own gym

The three-time champion of the reality show “7th Street” and young athlete of 36 years, Alex the ‘Leon’ Paredeswas assassinated on the afternoon of Monday, April 17, due to multiple shots while he was working in the alpali gym, place of which he was the owner, in Milagro, a city in the province of Guayas, in Ecuador. The authorities continue to investigate the possible perpetrators and motives for this fateful event.

Alex the ‘Leon’ Paredes: how did the murder happen?

The incident was recorded by security cameras and broadcast on social media. In the images, the reality boy is shown while he was working at the reception of his establishment when a subject in a red jacket entered the establishment, took out his weapon and shot him.

The lion’ He tried to flee, but another armed individual entered and, between the two criminals, they ended the athlete’s life.

After this scene, according to the security cameras, the thugs left aboard a red van, the same one they used to arrive at the gym.

Neighbors alerted National Police officers to loud detonations, who arrived at 5:30 p.m.

“There are some 9-millimeter-type cartridges and rifle cartridges,” explained a police chief who went to the crime scene.

Farewell messages for Álex el ‘León’ Paredes

This event mourned a large number of people from Ecuadorwho, through social networks, left messages of condolences to their family and friends.

“Rest in peace, Alex the ‘León’ Paredes! You will be remembered as the three-time champion of ‘Calle 7′”, “May God have him in his glory”, “Rest in peace, Alex the ‘León’ Paredes. When will it end all this?”, “Condolences to your family”, are some messages that are perceived on social platforms.

Likewise, his ex-colleagues from “Calle 7” joined this act, who recalled the best moments they had with “León” and, with a sobbing expression, said goodbye to the three-time champion.

Mayra Jaime said goodbye to her former partner with an emotional message. Photo: Instagram capture/Mayra Jaime

What were the reasons?

The specific reasons for the assassination of ‘León’ Paredes have not yet been revealed; However, according to unofficial versions, it is presumed that it occurred because he refused to pay a percentage of his earnings to local criminals.

In the early hours of Wednesday, November 9, 2022, in Durán, he managed to escape from an attack, in which, when going to his vehicle, a subject surprised him, firing around six shots at him.

“What is the substance of the matter? I don’t know, I have no idea. The only thing I do know is that an attempt was made against my life,” he explained in a live video posted on his Instagram.

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Álex Paredes became three-time champion of the reality show “Calle 7” on TC Televisión. Photo: diffusion

Statements from his wife

Until the closing of this note, his wife, the model Paola García, has not declared before the press or any other media about what happened.

However, she was caught entering the gym where hitmen killed her spouse and father of her children.

Motivation for young people

Paredes dedicated part of his life to being an example and motivational support for young people with addiction problems.

Apart from the talks he held with various foundations, he also responded to calls for particular cases through his social networks.

“I have the support of my children. And what happens even more? I am preventing my children from doing it. And what happens even more? That there is a step in anonymous addicts that is to pass the message. This is what works for me , talk about things, that I am sure that someone who consumes or who is in the rehabilitation center does not tell you: ‘I went through this’. I can say it because that is what causes the addiction, “he declared on the program television “Calientitos TV”.