Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso hospitalized for a urinary tract infection

Due to his delicate state of health, the Ecuadorian president William Lasso will not comply with the meetings agreed to before the Public and State Security Council (Cosepe) for this Sunday, April 16 and Monday, April 17. According to the Ministry of Communication, the president had an infection, for which he had to be admitted to a hospital in Quinto.

Lasso presented fever and general malaise after giving an interview to CNN. The doctors concluded that he had a urinary tract infection. and that, for that reason, they recommended that he remain under observation in the hospital and that he rest while the treatment is administered.

What was the central topic of the interview?

The interview with the Ecuadorian president was addressed by the journalist Andrés Oppenheimer, who asked him about issues such as violence, crime and impeachment against him. Lasso defended himself and said that they want to see him out, “because it is uncomfortable for many”.

They wish you speedy recovery

The president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, spoke through social networks and wished her Ecuadorian counterpart a speedy recovery. “The Peruvian people wish you a speedy recovery (…). We hope that your health improves and you continue to lead your administration, in favor of Ecuadorians.”