Edison Flores says he hasn’t played soccer for a long time and Jefferson Farfán trolls him: “And what are you doing?” [VIDEO]

This Wednesday, Jefferson Farfán and Edison Flores starred in a curious video while they continue with the work on the Videna for what will be the next date of the Qualifying Qatar 2022, in which Peru is fifth after beating Venezuela. The spirits are the best, as both players showed.

And it is that through his Instagram account, the ‘Foquita’ shared what was a small trolling to the ‘Ears’ in the gym, where the laughter did not stop. The striking images generated various reactions from his followers, fans of the Peruvian team and users in general.

Jefferson Farfán and Edison Flores captured attention on Instagram

After ‘holding hands’ for a comment by Edison, the ’10 de la calle’ once again captured the attention of Internet users with a scene already seen on previous occasions with the former Sports University. Although it was only a joke, the truth is that it did not go unnoticed by the fans.

“I haven’t played soccer in a long time,” the ‘Ears’ is heard saying as he approaches Jefferson’s camera. Immediately, the Alianza Lima figure asks him “what is he doing then”, to which his partner replies that he is training hard.

The reaction of the ‘Foquita’ is immediate and he bursts out laughing, highlighting that Edison Flores “is more alive and that everyone thinks he is agile.”

This was the funny scene between Jefferson Farfán and Edison Flores