Edison Flores starts the year promoting baby clothes Alba: “Don’t forget!” [VIDEO]

A new year for Edison Flores. After a few days ago he showed his new facet as a promoter of baby clothes, this Tuesday, the flyer of the Peruvian team again attracted attention on social networks for a publication he made, being one of the ones that most touched his followers in these first days of 2022

And it is that in the same style as his wife promoting, the player of the MLS DC United uploaded a unique image that is already used to parents. In this way, the soccer player continues to share details related to his new life as a father of a family.

Is Edison Flores already an influencer?

It is worth mentioning that the ‘Orejas’, the undisputed owner of Ricardo Gareca and one of the great absent in the last dates of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers due to injury, is one of the players of the ‘Blanquirroja’ who interacts the most on social networks, in addition to share unique scenes that he captures during his stay in Peru.

On this occasion, it is seen that in his recent Instagram Stories He re-uploaded an image of some designs from the baby clothing store in Peru ‘Alba to sleep’, which bears the same name as his little daughter, touching the public with his variety of designs.

“We have stock again,” says the description of the graph that the footballer shared, adding “Don’t forget.” In this way, the former Sports University continues to break it as a promoter of the baby company, while he has been working with the Bicolor in the Videna.

Ana Siucho caught Edison Flores changing her baby’s diaper in the trunk of the car

Months ago, Edison Flores starred in a video in which he changes his daughter in a very particular way in the trunk of the car. The images were shared by Ana Siucho and generated various reactions from her followers.