Edson Dávila approves the admission of Melissa Paredes to Women in command: “She needs to work”

After the resounding ampay that caused her divorce with Rodrigo Cuba, Melissa Paredes She returned to television, after several months of absence, as the host of Women in command. For now, the model was not officially presented by her colleagues or the channel itself, but everything to indicate that she will continue her career on the small screen through Latina.

Given this, various personalities of the national show business have expressed their opinion on the fact and now it was the turn of one of his former colleagues. Edson Dávila, who is in Europe enjoying his vacations, spoke with El Popular about the new work project of the ex-wife of ‘Gato’.

During an interview with Women in command Melissa Paredes stated that she needed to work quickly to meet the expenses of raising her young daughter. For this reason, Edson Dávila agreed with the presenter despite the fact that in the coming weeks they will be a competition again.

“Yes, of course, if my followers inform me immediately (about the arrival of Melisa to Mujeres commanding), well I think good for her, as she says she needs to work,” he told El Popular.

After the departure of Melissa Paredes from the leadership of America today, the program did not officially announce any replacement and only invited Belén Estévez almost daily to make up for her absence. Given this, Edson Dávila was consulted about who could be his new partner.

“Of course, I have no idea, it would be lying to you,” he said. Likewise, the popular ‘Giselo’ assured that he will return to Peru at any time after his trip to the Old Continent for the end of the year festivities.