EEG producer does not rule out that Mark Vito enter reality: “I can put a person to compete”

Mark Vito has generated a sensation after making himself known that he has been training with Fabio Agostini, in addition, that the latter would be promoting him in his stage as an influencer in different social networks. This generated speculation about a possible entry into “This is war.”

Given the case, a reporter from Magaly Medina communicated with Peter Fajardo, the producer of the flag reality show that broadcasts america television and announced that it does not close the doors of the television space to Markex-husband of Keiko Fujimori.

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Through a telephone link, fajardo He maintained that Vito’s entry could take place without any problem given that the format of ‘EEG‘ It can be molded according to the provisions that are required. In addition, he stressed that, in case that happens, he could put a rival for him to face.

“You know that the format is a format that, thank God, is very moldable and if he enters, I can put another person on the other team on a par to compete. He is a very controversial character and very loved at the same time, right?”, initially expressed Peter Fajardo.

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Peter Fajardo reveals that there is a ‘but’ for Mark Vito’s entry into “This is war”

Similarly, in the same report presented by Magaly Medina During the night of Tuesday, April 18, the producer of “This is war” was seen to say that there would be a kind of ‘but’ that could be a factor for Mark Vito not being able to be part of the reality show.

According to the words of Peter FajardoI would have to evaluate the physique of Mark, as well as his personality. Although he stressed that he already has the first; however, the following requirement is something necessary for the program and since he has been very involved in politics, that may be a factor.

“It doesn’t seem farfetched to me. I would have to talk to him. I’ve only seen it once because you know that, apart from having a physique, it’s having personality. I know physically, but it’s a little more than that. He is involved in politics because you know that all this influences the program, ”he declared.