EEG producer leaves in shock by revealing the excessive salary that Michelle Soifer received in reality shows

‘Combat’ It was one of the competition reality shows that stole the hearts of viewers and marked a before and after on the small screen. It had among its ranks various public figures such as Zumba, Fabianne Hayashida, Mario Irivarren, Alejandra Baigorria, among others. However, one of the top earning reality girls on the show was Michelle Soifer, who was ‘kicked out’ by a producer currently working with the competition, This is war. How much did you earn inCombat’?

The success of ‘Combate’ was due to the fun games, originality and more details that made it different from ‘Esto es guerra’. However, the red and green team program wanted to have among its ranks the controversial Michelle Soifer, who appeared in the reality show in the following seasons. Recently, through a conversation with concept studioone of the current EEG producers, Pepe Luchocounted how much the large amount of money that ‘Michi’ received monthly amounted to.

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It is worth noting that the producer first worked to ‘Combat’, but now it is part of ‘This is war’. She revealed how much the popular “Solsito” was paid per month to be part of the ATV program. “At some point, we broke the market when we took Michelle Soifer from “EEG” to “Combate”. At that time, Michelle Soifer’s contract was for more than $15,000 a month. It was a lot of money, but today we are at below that amount,” he confessed.

On the other hand, he referred to the success of ‘This is war’ and why it is still valid on Peruvian television. “The key is that we never stop renewing ourselves. We are constantly looking for ways to change people’s course and break the expectations they have. We eliminate people. We bring in new people. What’s coming is something they’ve never seen before It’s something that’s going to mark,” he added.

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