EEG: Reality will have five teams that will be led by ‘historical’

This is Guerra returned renewed and part of that stage was announced, on Friday night, by its drivers, Johanna San Miguel and Renzo Shuller. The pair pointed out that from this Monday, January 23, a new era will be lived and that there will be five teams which will be led by the historical ones and whose members are made up of aspiring competitors.

Thus, from Monday the extreme competition will begin, where each team will seek to stay, officially, in the 2023 season. In the first phase of the program, pancho rodriguez faced all the competitors of the team of “The chosen ones” of This is war in order to obtain the best time for the altitude challenge and thus be able to choose the group that will lead. All delegations raised their hands to have him on their team.

However, the historic fighter already had a decision and announced that he was going to support the Lima team. “Thank you. I would like to be with everyone, but this time I have to choose a team And if it were up to me, let them all stay. But I have faith in the Lima team,” said the popular “Pitbull.”

patrick parody

johanna san michael He celebrated Pancho’s election and stressed that the youngest daughter of the Chilean athlete looked very happy to see her father compete again. The little girl was behind the scenes of the reality show and Rodríguez did not hesitate to send her a tender gesture before moving on to the Lima team.

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Subsequently, the production put the same competition for the female competitors. The winner, in a height challenge, was Dove Fiuzawho prevailed Karen Dejo, Melissa Loza, Ducelia Echevarría and Luciana Fuster. Therefore, he had the right to choose a team being the chosen Chiclayo. Later, said delegation won a confrontation with the foreign team, which allowed them to choose Gino Assereto.

Meanwhile, in the confrontation Mario Irivarren and Israel Dreyfus, the first one came out as the winner and the team chose the Tarapoto delegation. The last extreme challenge was carried out by Facundo González and Patricio Parodi, the winner was the popular “wacho”, who chose the foreigners. Finally, Patricio Parodi and Israel Dreyfus were sentenced and the ‘court’ announced that, unfortunately, one of them will say goodbye to the competition this Monday.