Efraín Aguilar refuses to be doing a series like ‘In the background there is a place’ on ATV: “I will continue to be part of ‘América Televisión'” [FOTO]

After appearing on social networks with the ATV production manager, Ney Guerrero, Efraín Aguilar clarified that he would not be planning to make a series similar to ‘There is room in the background’ with channel 9.

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“I was on ATV because I received an invitation to go to ‘JB Noticias’ in order to promote my theater and my workshop. There I met Ney Guerrero, who is my friend and I have known him for many years. We took a picture and they started to speculate things, but I can’t do anything with the speculations. Neither deny nor lie. It was just a photo, “explained the director of television and theater.

He also mentioned that his working relationship with ‘America Television’ It will remain in force until the television house terminates the contract they have or until it expires in time.

what it revealed Ephraim is that a few years ago, Ney Guerrero made him a proposal. Two years ago he proposed an interesting thing to me, but I told him I couldn’t talk because he had a contract with ‘América Televisión’ until December, so let’s wait to see what ‘América Televisión’ is interested in,’ he said.


What does Efraín think of the new season of ‘In the background there is room’?

the creator of ‘There is room in the background’ He mentioned that he has seen the new episodes of the new series. He gave his approval to this new direction that television production is taking and also said that he “liked” her.

“I have seen the new season once, I liked it, but I have not continued to watch it because at that time I have my workshops and theater performances. However, I am sure they are doing well because they are my children, the series is working excellent , they are doing very well, they are my children, they have learned well and know how to do things, so I am proud of that,” he said. Efrain Aguilar.