El Alfa: “In 4 years I will give my soul to the Lord”

An emotional Alpha married his wife Alba Rosa after 17 years of relationship with the mother of his children Alba Rosa. His emotion was so great that through tears he made a promise. “In 4 years I will give my soul to the Lord,” he said, which has made many of his followers think that he has spoken of his next retreat.

“From this moment my days in music and the world of perdition are numbered,” he added. He also said that his purpose going forward is to do better and better as a husband, father and son.

“My goal is to be the best husband, father and son, my family deserves it !! Alba you are the best wife in the world I am the Alpha and Emanuel thanks to you .. today I begin to live only for you …. I love you God. I owe everything to God, ”he said.

It was in some emotional words shared with his followers on Instagram, where the dembowsero assured that he had taken the most important step of his life and that he wanted to dedicate himself exclusively to his family.

“Today the sky is celebrating, I took the most important step in my life putting my marriage and my family in the hands of God,” he said, sharing some photos of the celebration in the Dominican Republic.

According to a review in People magazine in Spanish, the ceremony was held in a luxurious hotel in the Dominican Republic, where the family arrived in a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, apparently the same one that was burned this year in Miami and was valued at more than $ 3 million, something that hurt the rapper a lot.