“El Chavo del 8”: The sad reason why Quico wore a sailor suit

The characters of “El Chavo del 8” are remembered for the hilarious stories they interpreted but also for their clothing. And it is that every time you think of someone’s name, he immediately comes to our mind as he looked.

For this reason, if the series had a ‘remake’, they definitely could not change the costumes, much less that of quicofor the story behind his little sailor suit.

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In this note from we tell the story behind the sailor uniform worn by the ‘Treasure’ of Mrs. Florinda.

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What is Quico’s outfit like?

Quico wears a suit black sailor with a red, blue and white hat. However, for the second season they will change the white to yellow.

Also in the second part of the story of the Neighborhood, Quico starts wearing a red tie.

In addition to her suit, she wears long white stockings in the first season, and yellow in the second.

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This is the sad story behind Quico’s little sailor suit

Many suggest that one of the reasons Quico wore this uniform was to indicate respect and show that he belonged to a sophisticated party. Or that he even did it to highlight his economic difference with the other children that the farm, especially Chavo.

And although it could be so, Quico could also wear any other military uniform to mark his social class with that of the rest.

However, if we pay attention, in the episode “Don Ramón leaves the neighborhood” 1977, Doña Florinda shows an album of family photos to Professor Jirafales. In one of these photographs Quico is seen as a baby in the legs of his father Federico.

Quico says that his father “rests in fish.” The teacher tries to correct him by telling him that he is “at peace”, but Quico claims that he meant “fish” because his father was eaten by a shark.

This story was not the child’s invention, as his mother confirms the story and comments that Federico was a sailor whose ship sank on the high seas.

There is also a flashback that did not appear in the original Spanish version where Federico is seen leaving the neighborhood to start his journey on the high seas, although there is a probability of a storm.

Federico, the sailor who wears a uniform with a white captain’s cap, approaches Doña Florinda to tell her not to worry about the bad feeling she has about her trip and that everything will be fine thanks to her extensive experience sailing.

This not only explains how Doña Florinda had money without having to work, since she received a pension for the death of her husband and why Quico was always seen as a sailor, since he honored his late father.

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Carlos Villagrán said goodbye to ‘Quico’

The actor who played Quico in “The guy from 8“after more than 50 years since he started his role.

“The time has come to say goodbye to the people, goodbye to everyone. Because of my age, out of respect for me, out of respect for people, out of respect for everyone. I am old enough to retire,” Villagrán mentioned during a press conference.