“El madrileño” by C. Tangana triumphs at the Latin Grammy pregala

“El madrileño”, the successful album by Spanish singer C. Tangana, triumphed with three awards at the Latin Grammy pre-gala, which is the ceremony prior to the great evening of the Latin Recording Academy in Las Vegas (USA). .).

“El madrileño” won the awards for best pop-rock song for “Hong Kong”, best alternative song for “Nominao” and best recording engineering.

“Thanks to the Academy for giving a Latin Grammy to a man from Madrid,” said C. Tangana on stage.

Strictly and following which person appeared as a candidate in each category (depending on whether they are, for example, singers or producers), C. Tangana and Jorge Drexler won two awards (best pop-rock song and best alternative song) while producer Alizzz won those two awards and also the one for best recording engineering.

Regardless of technicalities, it is clear that C. Tangana’s ambitious project with Alizzz dominated the Latin Grammy pregala.

Due to the large number of categories in the Latin Grammy Awards, the Latin Academy holds a smaller event every year, at noon and only broadcast by “streaming”, which is where the vast majority of winners are announced.

The winners of the most sought-after golden gramophones – including record of the year, record of the year and song of the year – will be announced at the main Latin Grammy gala, which is the great television and musical show that broadcasts in the US. Univision.

Along with C. Tangana and Alizzz, Camilo also shone at the previous awards ceremony, who is the top nominee in these Latin Grammy awards with ten nominations.

In the pregala, the Colombian singer won three awards: best pop song for “Vida de rico”, best urban fusion / performance with Rauw Alejandro for “Tattoo (remix)”, and best tropical song as one of the numerous composers of the The song “God wanted it that way” performed by Ricardo Montaner and Juan Luis Guerra.