Elections in Venezuela 2021 LIVE: press media blocked in Venezuela prior to the elections

The regional and municipal elections of Venezuela will be held this Sunday, November 21, so the people of this nation must vote to elect governors, mayors, legislators and municipal councilors. The elections will also serve to take the political pulse of a country in which polarization has been giving way to laziness and which will be the first time, since 2017, that the opposition calls its supporters to go to the polls.

More than 21 million citizens are summoned to the voting tables that have been set up in 14,000 educational centers throughout Venezuela. There will be 70,244 candidates from 37 national parties that will compete for 3,082 terms, according to the National Electoral Council (CNE).

“I call with loyalty to all political leaders, party heads (and) all candidates to respect the electoral results emanating from popular sovereignty and officially and legally issued by the National Electoral Council (CNE),” Nicolás Maduro said in a meeting with special guests to the elections.

Security will be in charge of at least 100,000 members of the Bolivarian Militia of Venezuela, a unit of civilians affected by Chavismo, uniformed and armed that was incorporated as a special component of the Armed Forces.

The agents will be deployed during tomorrow’s local and regional elections, military sources reported this Saturday.

Among the functions of the militiamen will be “security and biosafety in the electoral centers”, as well as “security in strategic facilities and rapid reaction units.”

The head of the Electoral Observation Mission of the European Union (EOM-EU) in Venezuela, Isabel Santos, will carry out her work in the local and regional elections this Sunday in Caracas and its metropolitan area, where she will visit several voting centers.

In addition, on voting day, the mission will have about 130 observers who will visit voting centers in 23 states of the country.

“The great difficulty of this mission is that we are here, we observe until the end, and we produce the report based on all the reports that all the observers provide us (…) that type of statement is something very rare for me, very surprisingly, ”Santos said last Thursday.

How do you know where to vote? Follow the next steps:

The voting tables installed in the polling stations will open from 06.00 am and will last until 06.00 pm In addition, the educational centers will remain open until the last citizen who has entered before closing time has voted.

With information from EFE.