Elías Montalvo to Christian Domínguez after sentence in The Artist of the Year: “I’m not afraid of anyone”

Elías Montalvo was another surprise participant in The Artist of the Year presented by Gisela Valcárcel last Saturday, November 13. His first show did not convince his fellow members of the program; For this reason, the reality boy was sentenced to the elimination stage along with Christian Domínguez with whom he will have to face in the next gala.

The famous tiktoker was screened in the final stretch of the talent competition and challenged the cumbiambero. “I see myself in the final and I warn everyone, because I will put a lot of discipline and perseverance on it. Now I am in sentence with Christian Domínguez. It is difficult for me because he is an artist with a career, he has a lot of court, but I am not afraid of anyone “ revealed for Trome.

Along the same lines, the young man said he felt nervous about being the first participant to present his performance in The Artist of the Year. “It was not easy to open the track, but I am happy with my performance.. I have not danced and sing for a long time, but I will continue to try hard, “he said.

At the first gala of The Artist of the Year, Elías Montalvo sang and danced a mix by Grupo Néctar with which he managed to impress the reality show jury, which is made up of the singer Deyvis Orosco. However, his demonstration on the set of America was not complete for the other members of the competition and they sent him to sentence.

Rodrigo González’s program broadcast some images in which a relationship between Peter Fajardo and Elías Montalvo was glimpsed, so his followers on TikTok began to ask various questions about his alleged link with the producer of This is war. After that, the young man responded through comments on the social network. “There is not, nor will there be,” he said.

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