Elizabeth Holmes found guilty of defrauding Theranos investors

The billionaire founder of Theranos Elizabeth holmes she was found guilty of three wire fraud investigations and one conspiracy. At first she was considered one of the greatest promises in the technological world by her company, which supposedly detected hundreds of diseases through a blood prick.

Holmes was involved in 11 more cases and another four in which she was found not guilty. However, last Monday a jury made up of fifteen members declared her responsible for all these acts. She has not been detained for now, but at 37 she could face a 20-year sentence for each count against her.

Theranos generated an incalculable amount of money in investments, but it was determined that the company carried out illicit actions linked to a fantasy science that captured the attention of thousands of scammed patients. They made believe that a drop of blood was enough to perform diagnostic tests, but it was all a falsehood.

The aforementioned company was founded in 2004 when the so-called “New Steve Jobs” He dropped out of Stanford University at the age of 19. It boasted that they could detect diseases such as cancer by reducing the time of the tests and with better efficiency.

Investor Rupert Murdoch fell for $ 100 million. Also victims were former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of Defense James Mattis and the Walgreens pharmaceutical chain, which signed an agreement to have medical equipment in its various locations.

He is currently free on bail and it is estimated that the sentence would arrive in six months. When journalists, investors and politicians asked about Theranos, they were never revealed more information, they were only told that the technology was so secret that it could not be fully explained, in a way that encouraged them to create bonds of trust that soon after had this tragic outcome. .