Elton John and Prince Harry sue British media

british musician Elton John and the prince harry They are among six public figures who this week launched legal action against the publisher of the “Daily Mail” tabloid for alleged violations of their privacy.

The whistleblowers say that Associated Newspapers installed listening devices in homes and vehicles, hired private investigators and paid police officers to obtain exclusive information, according to a statement sent to the media by the Hamlins law firm.

“It is evident to these individuals that the alleged crimes we have detailed represent the tip of the iceberg and that many other innocent people continue to be victims without knowing it,” added the law firm, which represents Harry and actress Sadie Frost.

John and her husband, David Furnish, actress Liz Hurley and Baroness Doreen Lawrence – mother of Stephen Lawrence, who was murdered in 1993, are defended by the Gunnercooke law firm.

An Associated Newspapers spokesman “completely and unambiguously” denied the “absurd libels” that have been taken to the High Court in London.

That spokesman maintained that the complaint tries to “drag the Mail headers towards the scandal of telephone punctures” with “articles that are more than 30 years old”, in reference to the media judicial process that the disappeared “News of the World” went through. for similar accusations.

In July, the prince harry it has already won a lawsuit filed against Associated Newspapers. A judge then ruled that an article about him in the “Daily Mail” was libelous.

The courts also agreed at the beginning of the year with his wife, Meghan Markle, who had denounced the same newspaper for publishing personal correspondence without her consent.