Emma Watson surprised her followers after revealing that she is a fan of kink sex

The English actress Emma Watson surprised her followers by revealing, in an interview with the famous Teen Vogue magazine, that she practices kink sex and that she is a fan of this intimate and personal way of relating to her partner. In this note we will give you more details about this practice.

Emma Watson in privacy

The 33-year-old actress known for her representative role as Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” saga, which she held for a decade, surprised thousands of fans and followers after telling stories about her private and intimate life in an interview.

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Watson stated that, in order to have a genuine connection, the sexual act must be performed with full consent.

Emma Watson talks about her privacy and surprises several followers with the revelations. Photo: Capture/Emma Watson/Instagram

“I think relationships that don’t necessarily follow traditional models require more communication and consent,” express.

In addition, the actress added that she also enjoyed kink sex and other more intense practices such as sadomasochism and the fulfillment of sexual fantasies.

What is kink sex?

Kink sex is the sexual practice from an unconventional perspective that has the purpose of making the sexual act free of prejudices and taboos and open to new sensations.

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This type of practice is usually accompanied by the use of toys or sexual accessories and role plays.

To have an excellent relationship when carrying it out, the following must be taken into account:

  • You both need to get to know each other and constantly communicate about your comfort and tastes.
  • Be open to recreating fantasy situations in which both of you feel completely attracted or excited.
  • Try and experience new things.

The use of sex toys is common in the practice of 'kink' sex.  Photo: Unsplash.

The use of sex toys is common in the practice of kink sex. Photo: Unsplash.

Who is Emma Watson’s partner?

Between 2021 and 2022, the actress was caught in several romantic moments with Brandon Green, son of Philip Green.

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Brandon shares the same concern as Emma for the environmental situation. As the actress pointed out, he is very committed to the cause.

“Green is very interested in protecting biodiversity and saving the oceans. He collaborates a lot with the charitable foundation of Prince Albert of Monaco and that of Princess Charlene, ”said a source close to the renowned English newspaper Daily Mail.