Empower Work 2022: how much will be the Christmas bonus I will receive from the bonus in Argentina?

The Ministry of Social Development of Argentina announced the new schedule for October to announce the payments of Empower Work 2022. This benefit will not only have a salary increase, but will also come with a Christmas bonus for all beneficiaries.

In October, the bonus offered to beneficiaries in situations of social and economic vulnerability will be increased due to the new minimum, vital and mobile salary (SMVM) that was given in August.

The increased amount is 21% and will be given in 3 parts in a staggered manner. Thus, the first installment of 7% will be the assets of September and a total of $25,600 will be deposited in October. While for October the total of $27,275 will be given, which will be disbursed in the first week of November. And, finally, the amount for that month will be given in December with a total of $28,950.

The Argentine government confirmed that at the end of the year, the beneficiaries will receive a bonus that constitutes the luck of half a Christmas bonus. This would be equivalent to 50% of what each person who is part of the plan receives. According to this, the holders of Empower Work 2022 will be able to receive a bonus in December of $43,425.

The beneficiaries of this program must be part of socio-productive, socio-labour and/or socio-community projects or through educational completion.