Enjoy family tourism!

The journalist Carolina Lorenzo is one of the people who wants to contribute to the strengthening of Dominican tourism. She knows that after the pandemic caused by Covid-19, the Dominican Republic needs everyone’s push to continue recovering the strength of this sector that boosts the national economy.

He has spared no effort in his struggle to establish a safe way to do internal excursions. The niche has been found in family tourism. Every week he prepares the backpack for his relatives and sets out for a different destination. Sometimes they are not appropriate for children, due to the levels of difficulty involved, but that is no excuse to discover the charms of these tourist spots. Those who have the age and the conditions, make the trip.

Although turifamilia was born with family trips that only included their own family, the project expanded because other people have wanted to join those adventures. Although it is already something that generates income due to the logistics that it deserves, for her the most important thing is that there is a double contribution: to families so that they get to know and be distracted, and to tourism in the country so that every day it is more powerful.

The tours
“We have gone to the most beautiful places, which I understand people should know, receiving the acceptance of an audience that, with their publications on the networks and Web pages, makes it clear how much they enjoy it. At the end of the day, that is what we want, it is what the sacrifice of days of organization pays for by making the necessary contacts for each trip ”, says Lorenzo.

As a native of the San Cristóbal province, this journalist has taken on the task of publicizing the wonders that this area has, especially in Los Cacaos, Many Aguas, which has great ecotourism potential, since it has the most beautiful monuments of nature, such as the Tabernacle, La Taína, Los Charcos de Nizao, Los Reyitos, among others.

With this initiative, Lorenzo is committed to sustainable domestic tourism. Hence, in each community visited, he has guides from the area who duly guide the families who accompany him on each trip. “In addition, they can purchase agricultural and artisan products that are marketed and produced in the places visited,” he emphasizes.

Objective and contribution
The communicator, who has more than 14 years in the profession, is clear about the demands of people when it comes to going on an excursion and that is why her objective is to perfect her proposal every day to make Turifamilia the best option for the time to get to know the magical corners of the Dominican Republic.

“Visiting a place in my beloved Dominican Republic every week is what brings joy and emotions to my life and that of the people who accompany us. Doing it as a family is simply the perfect complement to our happiness ”.

In each of the trips, we try to highlight those beautiful, sometimes unknown places that people should put on the agenda. The Dominican Republic is an inexhaustible source of natural resources that we must explore and protect for the enjoyment of new and future generations, highlights Lorenzo.

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