Enrique Iglesias: why did the singer cause controversy by sharing a video where he kisses a fan?

Since its inception, Enrique Iglesias It has been the ‘crush’ of many young girls and over the years, the Spanish singer has managed to maintain that mischievousness that has driven all his fans crazy, who have not hesitated to do the impossible to get closer to the artist. This has been reflected, in recent days, with one of his followers who had no qualms about obtaining an unforgettable memory of the interpreter.

The singer of “Dancing” and “I will never forget you” caused a stir by sharing a suggestive video that he starred in with one of his fans in a presentation he offered in Las Vegas. Here we tell you what it is and why it has caused controversy on social networks.

in your account Instagram Enrique Iglesias published a video where one of his fans kisses him passionately when asking for an autograph. The curious thing about it is that, as users noticed on social networks, the singer did nothing to avoid this act and, on the contrary, he continued with the kiss and even hugged her.

This does not end there, the Spaniard, apart from publishing the video, commented on the publication and put the phrase: “I love you” which triggered the euphoria of his followers. However, all this generated divided comments. While some praised the humility and good sense of humor of the artist, others criticized and considered this fact as a lack of respect.

Although it is known that Enrique Iglesias has always been characterized by being very affectionate with his audience, on several occasions he has surprised his fans by inviting them to go on stage and others. However, this time he was criticized because there is a woman involved: his partner.

According to comments on social networks, many rejected this act because the Spaniard has a commitment and, beyond the fame and success he may have, this scene represents a lack of respect for Anna Kournikova, the mother of his children.

“No matter how much you love a celebrity, you don’t do this to a married man.” “Lack of respect for wife and children” read in some comments.

On the other hand, comments that admired the young woman’s fate also appeared: “Who was she.” “Oh, God, I want to be her!”, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”