Erick Delgado does not believe that Pedro Gallese is the best goalkeeper in the history of Peruvian football

During the last double date, several players of the peruvian team they stood out notably; One of them was Pedro Gallese who had important saves as against Bolivia (he avoided the discount) and Venezuela (he saved a penalty after Christian Cueva’s goal).

The Orlando City goalkeeper was filled with various accolades around the world, he was even part of the Conmebol eleven chosen by the fans. One of the comments came from Leao Butrón, a former Peruvian footballer, who thought that the ‘Pulpo’ “is the best goalkeeper in the history of Peruvian football.”

After this, Erick Delgado, exporter of Sporting Cristal He was against what was expressed by the recently retired player.

I cannot share the opinion that Pedro Gallese is the best in the history of Peruvian football I know he is above many, but the best thing I saw was Balerio. I keep thinking the same thing, “said the Peruvian footballer in Soccer as a field.

Currently, Erick Delgado is without a team, after not renewing with the Cantolao Academy for this season.

Ricardo Gareca declared at a press conference and referred to the good moment of Pedro Gallese in the Peruvian team. “He is a very confident player, with a lot of confidence and personality and he transmits it to the whole group. Pedro always transmits tranquility, in that we are calm, it is a great moment of him. It is well deserved to be among the best archers in the world. He played a brilliant game, “he said.