Erick Elera, Allison Pastor and their children enjoy their Disney vacation in Punta Cana [VIDEO]

An unforgettable moment. The renowned actor Erick Elera started his new year on the right foot and especially with his loved ones. Let us remember that days before the end of 2021, the Peruvian artist was reunited with his daughter Flavia after staying apart for quite some time.

Now, the singer also made the decision with his wife Allison Pastor to make an exclusive and luxurious trip to nothing more and nothing less than Disney. It should be noted that the resort where the Elera family went to the one that is located in Dominican Republic, in Punta Cana.

Through his official Instagram account, the Peruvian actor was quite excited to be with his loved ones on vacation. It should be noted that the reality girl revealed in an interview weeks ago that she has an extremely solid marriage with the actor.

“We have two years of marriage, but five years of relationship and a beautiful son. We are a stable couple, we love each other a lot, we admire, the key is to admire each other and be friends. We tell each other our things, we laugh, we are accomplices,” he confessed to him newspaper The popular.

Erick Elera excited to re-record In the background there is room: “I have missed you too much”

Happy to return. The actor Erick Elera was interviewed for the program You are in all, where he told his feelings of recording again para Al fondo hay Sitio after 8 years of success. The popular ‘Joel González’, who celebrated his birthday with his wife and daughters, confessed his admiration for all his classmates.

“I am very excited and I say it with all my heart, I have always said that I admire all my teammates and have missed them too much. Being here again, the vibe that everyone has, we are just starting to record and it is like a lot of joy and there is the same energy as always, I am so happy ”, said Erick Elera.