Erick Elera would be the new host of This is War to replace Gian Piero Díaz

How not to believe it. Gian Piero left the leadership of This is War a few weeks ago, and now he was presented as a new jale in Willax, so the identity of his possible replacement is already being voiced: Erick Elera.

The singer was a guest host at EEG at the time after the absence of the popular ‘Pipi’ for a trip, and now he would assume his position, according to Brunella Horna.

In the latest edition of More Shows, this Thursday, December 6, the businesswoman announced that she had been finding out, and said that her friends from the production told her that Erick elera It would be the new pull of reality.

“There they have told me, I have been investigating and they comment to me that it could be Erick Elera”, said Brunella Horna leaving his companions, Valeria Piazza and Jimena, the reporter of You are in all, in shock.

Without mincing words, the former Miss Peru even compared ‘Baby Brune’ to a seer for this prediction. “Brunella knows more than Jean Sandoval. I’m dying with the new driver,” he said.

Rosángela throws dirt on EEG and erases all traces of her networks: “Taking out what you don’t need”

Without mincing words, a follower told Rosángela Espinoza: “Your EEG photos”, and she affirmed it with everything. “Yes. The beautiful memories are stored in my (heart) ”, he admitted, putting dirt on his extra work by deleting him from his social networks.

Moments later Rous He recalled on the day of his cleaning that he was days away from his fifth birthday after having debuted in This is War in February. “How fast time goes by,” he said.