Ericko Zapata will not continue in De Extremo a Extremo

The experienced producer of television Erico Zapata will not continue to lead the production of the program “End to End” which is broadcast from Monday to Friday by Digital 15 of the Telemicro Group.

Zapata had been in charge of the content of the popular program that is broadcast at noon by the aforementioned station for six years. television.

“This Friday, March 31, that is, tomorrow, an important stage of my career closes, I close the cycle as a producer of End to EndThanks to so many people who supported me, thanks to Mr. Juan Ramón Gomez Díaz who personally assigned me the task, Ivette Gomez. Josefina Adames, graduate. Special Mention to Ildelfonso Ureña. The talents for the support and the collaborating artists and professionals who got on the train with me and made the trip. The winds will take us by other paths. God is in control,” he explained through a text message sent to the press.

Ericko Zapa clarified that he will continue to work at the Telemicro Group, but did not offer further details of the new functions that he would have there and that the decision was made by mutual agreement.

Caroline and Nahiony also left

Last week the general director of the Telemicro Group, René Brea confirmed to Diario Libre that Caroline Aquino and Nahiony Reyes will not be in “End to End“, since he will take on a new project on the television station.