Érika Villalobos: the time she confessed that the first thing that attracted her to Aldo Miyashiro “was his attitude”

The Magaly TV program: The firm stirred up all of Chollywood since the afternoon of last Monday, April 19, after promoting its new ampay in the last edition of the program, so the networks immediately exploded when they speculated that this new uncovering of the “Urraca” It would be the beloved driver Aldo Miyashiro. Users also began to support the driver’s still wife, actress Érika Villalobos.

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In the images presented by Magaly Medina we can see the television presenter giving each other passionate kisses with his former co-worker, the journalist Fiorella Retiz, this fact has undoubtedly left locals and strangers perplexed, since it was understood that Érika Villalobos and Aldo Miyashiro were one of the most stable and close-knit couples in the show.

So far by Villalobos hasn’t been mentioned about it yet, but on the side of the ‘Chinese’ Miyashirohis companions from ‘La banda del Chino’ mentioned that today the leader of the América TV program would give his version of the events.

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Érika Villalobos: What attracted you to Aldo Miyashiro?

In an interview he gave Villalobos for the Andrea Llosa program, the renowned peruvian actress She was consulted about her love story with her still husband, the host of “La banda de Chino”, and was also surprised by a video of the actor where he dedicated some tender words to her.

In said interview, the journalist asked the actress how she met her still husband and how she was physically at that time they met.

“He seemed cool to me, his style was cool. He went around with these fleece things that you put around your neck, but he put it on his head like a headband and with his long hair. So his attitude was very special, his look The attitude is the first thing that catches my attention, it doesn’t catch my attention so much the physical, but the attitude of the person, “he revealed Erika Villalobos.

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Aldo Miyashiro did not appear on his LIVE program ‘La banda del Chino’ after ampay

After Aldo Miyashiro’s controversial ampay with the former reporter of his program Fiorella Retiz, many thought that “La banda del Chino” would not air this Tuesday, April 19. However, it was announced that it would be broadcast without any problem, so the TV host’s LIVE statement was expected, but it never appeared. wrinkled?

In their place, their team of reporters appeared as presenters, who gave way to each of the notes that they had prepared for this date, but they did not comment on it either.