Ernesto Jiménez speaks after rumors of separation with Antonella Bacco

Ernesto Jimenez put an end to the rumors of separation with Antonella Bacco with whom he married months ago. Through his official Instagram account, the former Combate member broke his silence to clarify whether or not he continues in a relationship with the model. He also explained the reason why, for several days, the young woman suddenly stopped appearing in her stories.

“(They write to me) ‘Ernesto, where is Antonella? Ernesto, why don’t you upload photos with Antonella? Ernesto, are you no longer living with Antonella? Ernesto, are you still with Antonella? What happened to Antonella? Ernesto, why isn’t there anything with Antonella in your accounts? Ernesto, Antonella, Antonella … ‘”, said the former reality boy, satirizing the messages of his followers.

After that, Ernesto Jiménez was recorded with Antonella Bacco and reaffirmed that the love between the two continues intact, and denied that they are on the way to divorce.

“There he is (Antonella), and people get crazy (…) They don’t see you for two, three days and now (they comment) ‘Divorce, it’s over forever, Ernesto is going to stay with the front part of Uxa (dog) and Antonella with the back, how are they going to separate the goods? ‘ There are no assets, ”he said with a laugh and made it clear that his wife did not appear just because each one was busy with their personal issues.

Ernesto Jiménez and Antonella Bacco got married in mid-April 2021 in Port Orange, United States. The couple announced that they had married through a romantic photo on Instagram.

The snapshot showed the photographer and the model smiling and in their dress suits parading at their wedding in front of the guests.

According to André Castañeda, Antonella Bacco began to follow Ernesto Jiménez on Instagram and liked several of his publications, so he decided to talk to him.

“Antonella stalked Ernesto, wrote to him on social networks, they met on Instagram and love was born,” he said for the program En Exclusively.