Ernesto Pimentel after hip surgery: “The tricky thing is coming: walking again”

The figure of America TV, Ernesto Pimentel He is recovering from the operation he had on Thursday, January 6. The host of the program El Reventonazo de la Chola suffers from a disease that does not allow him to comfortably perform daily activities such as walking. That is why he decided to undergo a delicate surgery that basically consists of performing a hip transplant.

Through a press release, more details about this delicate surgical procedure were released. “Ernesto Pimentel underwent a hip transplant this Thursday because he suffers from advanced necrosis; that is, a strange disease that eats away at the bones in that area and there is poor blood circulation. This health problem did not allow him to move well and he had to be with a cane for more than 8 years ”, he commented.

The beloved creator of the Chola Chabuca decided to speak out on his social networks through a video to detail the reasons why this operation was carried out. In addition, he took the opportunity to thank all his audience, friends, family and life itself for their affection.

“For many years I have lived with the pain of having avascular necrosis of the hip. After a long time and with the monitoring of Dr. Pastor, he decided to operate on me, scheduling it four months ago. Today is the day, it is a big challenge for me, That challenge is changing my hips, putting on a hip prosthesis that is going to be made of ceramic. but here comes the other job, which is the complicated one: walking slowly again “ He said.

He also revealed that he is confident in the process and hopes to be able to return to day-to-day activities without suffering physical pain. “My goal in the end is to run, dance, celebrate. I thank God, life, you, my audience, my friends (…) For everything shared and safe for everything that we will continue to share in memories and great moments, “he said.

Ernesto Pimentel is one of the most beloved public figures in the world of entertainment and proof of this are the thousands of comments from various artists who did not hesitate to comment on the post and wish him well.

“God protect you dear Ernesto, everything will be fine, you are in your prayers. I adore you ”, wrote Karla Tarazona. The leader of Group 5, Christian Yaipén also spoke: “Many forces my dear Ernesto, you will come out of this with strength.” “I send you all my love and energy. Everything will be fine, ”said Rebeca Escribns.