Ernesto Pimentel is victorious after hip transplant operation: “My goal in the end is to run” [VIDEO]

The comic actor, Ernesto Pimentel worried more than one when he underwent hip transplant surgery last Thursday after suffering advanced necrosis. The figure of El Renventonazo de la Chola has lived with this health problem for a long time, even not being able to move well, so he had to support a cane for the last 8 years to be able to walk.

After passing his intervention, the actor who gives life to the endearing character of La Chola Chabuca He used his social networks to talk about his current health status, and to thank the concern of his family, friends and followers.

“For many years I have lived with the pain of having an avascular necrosis problem of the hip. After a long time and with the monitoring of Dr. Pastor, he decided to operate on me, programming it four months ago. Today is the day, it is a big challenge for me, that The challenge is to change my hips, to put on a hip prosthesis that will be made of ceramic, but here comes the other job that is the complicated one: to walk slowly again, “he is heard in the clip on Instagram.

“My goal in the end is to run, dance, celebrate. I thank God, life, you, my audience, my friends … For everything shared and safe for everything that we will continue to share in memories and great moments” Ernesto added.