Ernesto Pïmentel throws “The blowout of the Chola through the window” (PHOTO)

53 years are not fulfilled every day. That’s why Ernesto Pimentel will celebrate his birthday in style tomorrow in “El reventonazo de la Chola”.

The party will be with special guests like the great Susana Baca and internationals like El Tri. In addition, the beloved character also receives an emotional surprise from her cast, as can be seen in the preview that América Televisión is broadcasting.

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In addition, well-known and beloved artists of our show business will arrive on the set of the Saturday space, to greet the owner of the saint, and congratulate Chola Chabuca for 15 uninterrupted years of being in charge of the number one humorous program on television.

“I celebrate life more than ever, the possibility of being with my loved ones, also with my second family, which is the public. The years go by and they leave their mark, here I am stronger than ever,” Ernesto Pimentel said excitedly.


In “El reventonazo de la Chola” there will also be a great tribute to the singer Susana Baca, who has been nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022.

With her impeccable career, the artist will attend the program to share her experiences that keep her current in music and of course sing to the birthday boy.

As if that were not enough, in the Chola Chabuca space there will be a heart-stopping semi-final with the reality show “Reina del Reventonazo Superstar”.

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