EsSalud on the health of Greg Michel: “His prognostic status is reserved”.

The reality boy Greg Michel caused the concern of his followers and that of his closest friends Sebastián Lizarzaburu and Shirley Arica who asked their fans to support the Belgian model. Given the situation Greg is going through, EsSalud issued a statement indicating that he arrived at the Tarapoto Hospital for emergency care.

Also, the identity reported that Greg Michel is on mechanical ventilation and that his health condition is of “reserved prognosis.”

“Devillers had deep bleeding from a deep glass cutting injury to the flexor of his right arm. In an immediate and timely manner, the professionals of the Hospital II Tarapoto de EsSalud provided the patient with the medical attention required due to the seriousness of the case, later entering the operating room to be operated on ”, it reads at the beginning.

“Currently, the patient is in the Traumashock Unit with mechanical ventilation, constantly monitored by our specialists. Since its forecast status is reserved ”, he concludes.

Given the difficult situation of Greg Michel, his followers did not hesitate to send him encouraging messages for his speedy recovery.

“Greg, you are going to recover, for your son, so you can continue fighting for him”, “It’s not fair what is happening to you. God is great, he will take care of you and protect you so that you can get out of this “,” A lot of strength “,” Blessings of health, Greg, a lot of faith that you will get out of this “, are some prayers from his fans wrote to him in the comments of the publications On Instagram.

On November 15, Greg Michel, the 36-year-old model, suffered an accident while working out in his gym. “Greg Michel suffered an accident placing a mirror in his gym in Tarapoto, the iron broke and cut his arm, affecting several arteries. His condition is critical, he is now in EsSalud, he was arrested in the surgery room. Doctors are fighting to revive him, ”read the stories shared by Shirley Arica.