Ester Expósito moves the headquarters of love from Mexico to Uruguay

For a long time Mexico was the seat of Ester Exposito’s love, but he took her on a trip to the other end of America, to Uruguay, where she enjoys a pleasant vacation with her handsome Uruguayan boyfriend, Nicolás Furtado.

Seven months ago, the love break between the Spanish actress and her Mexican colleague Alejandro Speitzer, with whom she only stayed a few months, spread like wildfire, while the reasons for the separation were not clear.

It was the actress herself who asked respect for the duel of both and made it very clear how special her now ex-boyfriend was for her.

After that, the rumors of the celebrity related her to the Puerto Rican urban singer Rauw Alejandro, which turned out to be a ball of smoke because in reality later her courtship with the Uruguayan Furtado slipped.

Since last November, the heart press in Spain discovered the footsteps of Esther on the new path traced by Cupid: the interpreter was seen in an affectionate way with the attractive 33-year-old Uruguayan actor (she will turn 22 on January 26).

A week ago their pairing comments were confirmed. Furtado himself was the one who revealed that their relationship is going from strength to strength in a series of photographs, “the first of the year”, that the interpreter has published on his Instagram.

Among those images there is one in which he can be seen in bed with the actress, both without a shirt.

Although she tries to cover herself a bit with her hand, the reality is that her followers quickly recognized her and celebrated the tender snapshot.

This Tuesday, international media have published other photographs of Ester in Uruguay, where she has spent a few days full of love and charm with Nico Furtado.

Although they have not published photos together, there is an image which Nico Furtado shared in which you can see Ester in a beachy tone.

The protagonist of the series “Elite”, on the other hand, has published some photos in which her statuesque figure shines in the sun, and at sunset she marveled at the peace and nature of the Uruguayan area where she is.

She accompanied the post with a only word which also has tattooed on the skin: “Eleutheromania”, which is defined as a mania or frenzied zeal for freedom. In fact, this term has become a trend in recent hours and has made it fashionable.

The first site in the South American nation where they were seen together was at the Fiesta Bresh, in La Barra. There they were very caramelized and funny, reported the portal of the magazine Caras-Uruguay (

Later it was learned that they tasted the excellent gastronomy of the Ovo Beach parador, and now they put aside the noise of the parties to concentrate on the tranquility of the Sierras de Maldonado, published Caras.

According to this publication, the couple spends some wonderful days in Pueblo Edén, a Uruguayan town in the department, state or province of Maldonado.

It is expected that soon the couple will share more images where they appear together and in love.