Estrella Torres: how much did you ask to earn at Corazón Serrano and what did it have to do with your departure?

In 2013, serrano heart introduced Estrella Torres as its new member. Since then, the 16-year-old girl recorded songs like “Cuatro mentiras” and “What did I do wrong?” with the Piura orchestra, with which she gained popularity in Peruvian cumbia. After several years in the group, the singer surprised her followers by announcing the end of his employment relationship with the Guerrero Neira brothers.

Although there was much speculation about his departure from the group, star towers He clarified his situation with the owners of Corazón Serrano, since his supposed resignation was related to his salary. However, the orchestra responded to his former member through a statement on Facebook. Next, we tell you how much he expected to earn in the orchestra.

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How much did Estrella Torres expect to earn at Corazón Serrano?

After her retirement from the group, the singer appeared on the now-defunct program “Espectáculos” on Latina TV, to tell the reason why she did not continue leading Corazón Serrano. On that occasion, star towers revealed how much he earned in his first performances until he asked for a raise, which was denied.

To the surprise of the followers of Serrano Heart, the cumbiambera joined the orchestra earning S/150 per presentation. After a few months, the figure changed to S/400, but the norteña hoped to earn more and asked the Guerrero Neira brothers for S/1,000 per concert, an amount that was not available to the group. Therefore, the owners suggested that Torres present his resignation.

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What was Corazón Serrano’s response to Estrella Torres’ request?

The orchestra immediately came to its own defense through an extensive message posted on its official Facebook account, to respond to Estrella Torres. In the statement, serrano heart It specifies that Estrella Torres received a considerable payment and that it was out of her hands to meet the amount she requested.

“Estrella’s departure serves to demonstrate that we have never paid our singers S/750.00. You draw your conclusions with the data that Estrella has given and, with a multiplication, you will realize that she was not badly paid. Estrella requested to earn S/1,000.00 per concert. Under a minimum calculation of one concert per day, it was something that exceeded our possibilities,” reads Corazón Serrano’s message.

Communiqué from Corazón Serrano on the departure of Estrella Torres. Photos: Corazón Serrano/Facebook