Estrella Torres tells what Tommy Portugal told her when he met at the cevichería [VIDEO]

Is love born again? Before his presentation tonight at Artist of the Year, Estrella Torres and Gisela Valcárcel spoke a little about their long-awaited reunion with their ex-partner Tommy Portugal. In addition, the singer chose to mention what things were said on this day. What did he say?

After mentioning that she and Tommy are friends, despite the fact that they had a solid relationship for 7 years and that unfortunately they did not grow up, they managed to find each other in a cevicheria these days, she decided to reveal what the singer said when they saw each other:

“He said: How are you flat? I’ve seen you in The Artist of the Year and you broke it ”, The former member of Puro Sentimiento mentioned first with a huge smile.

Likewise, he did not miss the opportunity to say that although everything between them is fine, he clarified that he should not talk about more: “(He also) told me not to speak much, not to release the information.”

Gisela reveals LIVE that Estrella and Tommy Portugal met again: “We are always to blame”

In the second gala of The Artist of the Year, an unexpected moment was experienced when the host Gisela Valcárcel committed a live incident on the participant Estrella Torres that left everyone in shock. What happened?

You met your ex at the cevicheria“, said the popular ‘Señorito’.

However, Gisela Valcárcel continued talking about the issue wanting to know details of the exit. “Yes, well you put it in your networks, But when did you meet your ex, were you with the current one? “. In this regard, Estrella Torres decided to tell how the meeting that took place at the end of a rehearsal happened.

Immediately, the controversial ‘Senito’ added “We are always to blame”Caused laughter. For her part, the cumbiambera continued: “It was in Lince I took advantage of lunch and I just found it… is my ex there is nothing wrong, “he added.