Estrella Torres to Christian after not ‘supporting her in versus’ with Yahaira: “There you lost two points”

Cold from cold! In the latest edition of Artist of the Year, there was a new versus between the former member of ‘Puro Sentimiento’, Estrella Torres with the sauce boat, Yahaira Plasencia, who tried to give her best effort with a well-known song Behind my window but he failed to charm the entire jury table.

While towers left soul, heart and life on stage, leaving the rest of the jury fascinated, who filled her with compliments and gave her their votes with the who earned the two extra points in the competition. It is worth emphasizing that the only one who supported was Ruby Palomino.

Given this, the cumbiambera declared for the press, and attacked the leader of ‘Great International Orchestra’ for not supporting her. As it is recalled, almost everyone supported the sauce boat to obtain two points, the same points that would have served to save itself from the sentence.

After the versus with the sauce boat she said the following: “I was frozen that I did not imagine that I was going to do a versus with Yahaira, but it still gave me a little nervous because they did not trust me, but well I’m on stage again” he initially told the press.

in addition the cumbiambera He states that he was surprised that despite maintaining a friendship with Cristian, he was surprised that he did not support her and lashed out with everything: “For me, he has taken revenge because I told him to give other talents a chance and not him, but the normal truth, he has not trusted me because I have worked for how many years with him in the group, “he added.

“There it is then, you missed it,” said the singer laughing after her versus, without knowing that the cumbiambero would be the new eliminated of the night. “There it is, Christian you missed it, if they eliminate you I don’t know,” he said.

The first eliminated from the second gala of The Artist of the Year was the member and leader of ‘Gran Orquesta Internacional’, who was faced by the favorite of the public, the reality boy, Elías Montalvo. As it is remembered, the singer debated a duel after being both sentenced in a previous gala.

Ruby Palomino outraged with Estrella Torres for supporting her sentence: “I thought it would be fair”

Ruby Palomino was surprised by the attitude of Estrella Torres in The Artist of the Year, after she was the only one who supported her in one of her versus in The Artist of the Year.

“I am outraged. There are no friends. It made me land and open my eyes about this because this is a contest .. I am not going to change my way of being but it has shocked me. She is not my friend and if I believed in her talent and I believed thate would be fair. More than a strategy of eliminating myself, I think I’m a bit moved, “he said.