Ethel gets on the swing and screams to be lowered, but Yaco refuses: “The real panic”

Mexican actor Sebastián Ligarde arrived on the set of ‘My mom cooks better than yours’, for the first time. The well-remembered ‘Memo’ from the soap opera ‘Quinceañera’, which made a duo with Mayela Lloclla, conquered the hearts of Ethel Well. The host confessed that she has had great admiration for him since 1987, and that she even preferred his villain character to good “Pancho.”

At the beginning of the program, the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel said that she had seen the Mexican telenovela, which was starred by Thalia, Adela Noriega and Ernesto Laguardia, four times. This confession left the actor himself shocked. “Neither have I seen her all those times,” said the now antagonist of ‘Luz de Luna 3’ between laughs.

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The production of ‘My mom cooks better than yours’ surprised ethel with the famous swing. Thus, the same protagonist of ‘Quinceañera’ got on the high game without imagining that she would get a big scare. Yaco Eskenazi He hit it from ‘Pancho’. Apparently he was pushing her so hard that he scared her. “Put me down!” She told him desperately, but she refused between laughs.

The television presenter insisted that they help her down, until the actor andre silva, who participated in the program, went to help her. “Your face of real panic,” blurted out the husband of natalie vertiz LIVE, making Ethel laugh. It is worth mentioning that the winning couple was that of Sebastián Ligarde and Mayella Lloclla.

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My mom cooks better than yours: Mayella Lloclla gets a tremendous scare in the kitchen

Mayella Lloclla almost burns down the kitchen of the show Ethel Pozo and Yaco Eskenazi, because he did not realize that what he had on the stove was burning. “Something smells,” said the also host of ‘América Hoy’. “Oops! It’s on fire,” reacted the ex-reality boy.

That was not all, he realized that the national actress, who plays ‘Bella’ in ‘Luz de Luna 3’, had left the kitchen on and on top of it was a burning plastic spatula. Everything got out of control in the Sunday space!