Ethel Pozo advises Mark Vito and asks him to stay away from Fabio Agostini: “It’s a bad meeting”

Mark Vito He has shaken social networks in recent days after publicly unveiling his new physical appearance, which has surprised everyone and everyone. Keiko Fujimori’s still husband posted a series of videos on his TikTok account and hundreds of users quickly asked him to join Fabio Agostini so that they could both upload content while exercising.

This popular clamor was heard and they finally came together to announce new projects. However, various show business personalities referred to this new friendship and issued more than one warning to Kyara Villanella’s father.

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Ethel Pozo advises Mark Vito about Fabio Agostini

For example, in the edition of this Wednesday, April 19, of “América hoy”, Ethel Well He took several minutes from his program to talk about this meeting between Mark Vito and Fabio Agostini.

For the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel, the friendship of the former reality boy is not entirely convenient for Mark, pointing out that he has a reputation as a womanizer within the world of show business.

“Fabio is adventurous, he loves women, he doesn’t want commitment, and seeing Mark Vito with Fabio is not a good match. The fact that he is single does not mean that you are going to vaccinate the whole world, that is what he said that he vaccinates, ”he indicated to his viewers.