Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander: find out who will be your guests at your wedding

Will you invite Melissa Paredes? Very few details exist about Ethel Pozo’s wedding. However, the speculation about the expenses and the decorations have not been long in coming. Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter has given certain clues on social networks about who would be the guests to accompany her in this event that she promises to ‘throw the house out the window’.

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Yes ok Ethel Well Y Julian Alexander They have wanted to keep the details of their marriage secret, something that the bride has made clear in her program “América Hoy”, is that she is going to have many guests, she even confessed that she has had to request a bank loan for the weddings. expensive and many people.

Because it will be a very private event for the couple, the guests will be very close family and friends, since both the host and the director of soap operas want to share with special people for them. It has even been revealed that the ex-partner of Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter will not be part of the guest list, weren’t they friends?

However, who will not miss this marriage ceremony are the model Valeria Piazza, who has been accompanying her in her moments as a couple; also the companions of her program as Brunella Horna and the popular Giselo, among others. What also remains unknown is who will take Ethel Pozo to the altar, because after being consulted by her followers, she only replied: “Surprise”.

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Janet Barboza confesses details of Ethel Pozo’s wedding: “She is handling it with an expert”

Do you know the details? During the last few days the topic of planning the wedding of Ethel Well has been on everyone’s lips after Magaly Medina will ensure that it will cost around 150 thousand dollars, information that was denied by the bride. Now the driver Janet Barboza He did not hesitate to speak about it in front of the cameras of El Popular.

As is known, the conceited Gisela Valcarcel He has decided to remain absolutely silent about the details of his marriage to Julián Alexander and has denied all speculation. However, in the program America Today Some details have been revealed and now his companion from the television space spoke about it, but made it clear that he did not know much about the subject.

“I have no idea, the only thing I know is what is being talked about on the show, we find out everything through the show. Ethel is being very hermetic and I imagine that it is normal that all brides do it, I have no idea , I ask about the bouquet, about the veil,” he said at first.

“He tells me: ‘be patient that you are going to see it that day’, so I am the same as you. I have no idea (where it will be), I understand that he is handling it with a wedding planner with an expert or expert I do not know if it is man or woman, but cute, I love it because it also takes you by surprise. I’m not finding out anything because that way you also get the surprise, “he added.

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Rodrigo González on the wedding of Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander: “She and Gisela Valcárcel can”

nothing was saved. In a recent edition of the program ‘Love and fire’, the show host Rodrigo Gonzalez He decided to comment on the dream wedding of Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander. This time, she was sent with everything and “cracked” the economy of her future husband and brother of the producer Michelle Alexander. What did she say?

This July 11, in the middle of the LIVE program, the partner of Gigi Miter He commented true to his style on the event organized well in advance by the host of América TV Ethel Pozo, he even hinted that the expenses for his marriage would be covered by Gisela Valcárcel.

“Some former students of the ‘Los Reyes Rojos’ school have written to me where they have told me, hey, even what we knew, Julián (…) I don’t know, well, he was considered, I don’t know, from the bottom up, well forever,” he began by saying about Ethel Pozo’s partner.

“She is like ‘he doesn’t work in the production’, then ‘no, but Julián doesn’t speak’ (…) he is the one behind, but he would like to be up front, so (…) sometimes there is a springboard to fame (…) now the two are going to live off Gisela,” he said. “Julián will have for her things, but as for a wedding of these magnitudes, I don’t think so (…) They can, I don’t know, she (Ethel Pozo) and her mother (Gisela Valcárcel) can”, he sentenced she. So much so?

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How was “Amarige” born, Gisela Valcárcel’s first business?

Although the beauty salon, “Amarige Spa”, became known for being the business of Gisela Valcárcel, the idea was not exactly hers. This came about thanks to the initiative of her friend Adriana, godmother of Ethel Pozo. “Señito” herself told the story of her first business in one of her dance programs.

With tears in my eyes, that time giselle Valcárcel revealed how this whole journey in the world of beauty began. “She (her comadre of hers) told me you have to start a business and I told her: how is that for a business? Hay stop thanking everyone for hairstyles. I go, I look for a house and we put a living room”, said the presenter.

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Janet Barboza and Ethel Pozo angry over questions about John Kelvin to Dalia Durán: “What sexists!”

They were outraged. Janet Barboza and Ethel Pozo were totally upset with the note that América Hoy presented about the new facet of Dalia Durán, where the voiceover mentioned her former partner John Kelvin. The driver did not hesitate to label the situation as macho.

It all happened on the América Hoy program when they passed the note where they asked him about his new musical career and in addition to the sexy photo shoot he did: “But what did John think about the uncovering of the mother of his children.” This phrase did not like the hosts of the morning magazine at all, who did not hesitate to complain about it, since they called that part of the note sexist.

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Why did Ethel Pozo cry when Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba separated?

At the end of last year, the television presenter Ethel Well spoke with tears in his eyes on his morning show about the separation of Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba assuring that the situation that the now ex-husbands were going through hurts.

“For all of us who love our Meli Paredes and Rodrigo, it’s a difficult day but today we have her words and we will always speak the truth. (…) I can’t help but get emotional, because the situation hurts me,” Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter said on the verge of tears.

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Ethel Pozo: how many tattoos does she have and how did her mother react when she found out?

Ethel Well confessed that she has been the typical rebellious teenager, because in her youth she had behaviors that left her mother Gisela Valcarcel Without knowing what to do. For example, among the crazy things that she did is having dyed her hair to have a better look, but the most surprising thing and what she regrets is having a tattoo.

“At 15 years old, I got a tattoo of a skull on my back, horrible,” commented the host of America TV, who later regretted having done so. “At 18 I made a flower on top of it to cover it up, in rebellion you don’t feel”, he confesses indicating that in his maturity it already seems painful to him so the flower is colorless, although he managed to cover the skull he still doesn’t like it.

The popular

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Ethel Pozo will spend a millionaire sum on a dream wedding with Julián Alexander: More than $150 thousand

In the edition of Magaly TV La Firme On July 6, a note was issued announcing that the nuptials of the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel and the brother of Michelle Alexander will take place at the Fundo “Aras doña colorada” in Pachacamac, quite close to where the studies of America are located. TV.

Only in lighting and sound, Ethel Well I would be spending $10 thousand. In total, this with the other aspects would be $91,000, plus extra costs, including the show that Daniela Darcourt and Combinación de la Habana will give, would add $150,000 in total for the entire ceremony. Would you pay something like this?

The popular

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Magaly Medina trolls Ethel Pozo for asking for a loan for her wedding: “She is the only heir to her mother”

The journalist Magaly Medina did not mince words when giving her defenses, comparing the host of América Hoy Ethel Pozo with her mother, Gisela Valcarceland harshly criticized Julian Alexander by stating that he should have been the one to ask for the loan. Also, she said that maybe because of this she would not like her future mother-in-law.

“He will ask his mother for a loan, he is not going to ask a bank, and in any case, the one who should ask for a loan must be Julián Alexander, for something when you get married you no longer marry someone who is asking for a loan to do the wedding, you marry someone who collaborates with you in the same way that you do. I think that Gisela must not like these little things, that is why until now we have not heard any praise for the future son-in-law. They know that Ethel is the only heir to her mother, Gisela Valcárcel has forged a considerable fortune and the day she is gone, the one who will inherit the entire empire is Ethel, she will not be the husband who accompanies her, “he said .

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Ethel Pozo swears that she worked as a producer since she was 12 years old: “I went on tour with Menudo”

Ethel Well She acknowledged an affair with Andy Blásquez, a former member of Menudo, but this was not all, because later they showed her a video from the past during a meal with the members of Menudo, and she was surprised to reveal that she was part of her production at the age of 14, and that he started working at the age of 12.

“They’re all my friends now. Look, we’re on tour there. We went to Tacna, haven’t you heard that I’ve been working in production for more than 20 years? Since I was 12 in the building over there (at América TV), there I was 14 and I was in fuchsia,” he said. Will it be true?

Ethel Pozo shone from top to bottom with Menudo and explained that it would all be for work.