Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander make a radical and unexpected decision that baffles fans

The popular television host Ethel Well He is going through a difficult time in his life after being a victim of criminals who broke into his home. Now, the public figure is on everyone’s lips after she made a radical decision with her husband Julian Alexanderwhich caused total concern in their fans.

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As is known, the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel He made his last appearance on social networks on January 21 to report the theft of his residence in an exclusive area of ​​Lima. In the video shared by the presenter, she is clearly affected by the situation she was going through and from that moment she moved away from digital platforms.

Days after, Ethel Well He once again draws the attention of his followers and users of his Instagram account after he made the radical decision to limit the comments on his posts. However, her husband Julián Alexander also joined this unexpected action, causing rumors of a possible problem between the two to arise.

It should be noted that the sentimental couple has only been married for two months and they have shown that they have a solid relationship, but so far neither of them has ruled on this rare decision that surprises more than one.

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Ethel Pozo hopes to recover documents after theft at her home

The influencer Ethel Well She did not hesitate to resort to social networks to urge the criminals who entered her residence to return the documents that are very valuable to her, such as the photographs of her daughters. In addition, she said that they took passports, visas, among other important files.

“Let this serve as an experience, important documents such as the passport with visa, university degrees, birth certificates, marriage and others are put in a safe in the most hidden place in the house. They were in the safe. They opened it I hope I can recover just that. It’s what I ask God for,” he said in his video.