Ethel Pozo and Yaco Eskenazi discussed the Mayella Lloclla incident on their program: “You can do it”

In the last edition of the program “My mom cooks better than yours“, the actor Sebastian Ligarde and the actress Mayella Lloclla They arrived at the television set to face a kitchen duel. However, it was the latter who almost caused a ‘fire’, as the driver Yaco Eskenazi put it when he panicked.

However, a detail that did not go unnoticed was the exchange of words that yaco with his driving partner Ethel Pozo for the issue that happened with mayellaSo, they mutually blamed each other for the fact that the mishap that was shown on the TV screens could have been avoided. america television.

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And it is that at a certain moment, it is appreciated mayella concentrated in the preparation of Mexican enfrijoladas when suddenly ethel he feels a strange smell and comments that something was burning. No one responded to what she said and, apparently, the smell intensified and was eskenazi who answered.

“Oops, our… uh, our house is on fire,” he said. Yaco Eskenazibut Ethel Well He added: “Everything is burning, I’m telling you that Mayella has been burning for a while.”

Followed, the ‘exboy reality‘ She reproached her colleague and said: “Ethel Rocío, you warn that things are burning, but, fix it, friend.” However, she did not remain silent and claimed: “I have been telling her ‘something is burning’ for a while.”

After listening to it, yaco He did not hesitate to answer once more, suggesting that, like him, he was also able to realize what had happened because he first noticed the mishap: “But I’m not a firefighter, friend, you can do it, just take it out and that’s it.”

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Sebastián Ligarde joked about the awards he received from Ethel Pozo and Yaco Eskenazi

Last Sunday night, the actor Sebastián Ligarde and the actress Mayella Lloclla joined forces to beat Vanessa Silva and André Silva in a seasoning duel on the program “My mom cooks better than yours.”

After the results were known and given by victorious to mayella and Sebastianthe latter played a joke on Ethel Well and Yaco Eskenazi after having received the ‘golden fork’ trophy, as well as a thousand dollars.

And it is that the Mexican artist who has the role of ‘Adán’ in the series “moonlight 3” He was suspicious of the prizes and commented after receiving the recognition and cash: “Are they real?”