Ethel Pozo breaks her silence about her ex Fernando Garabán: “We married very young” [VIDEO]

Nothing was saved. The television host, Ethel Pozo, did not hesitate to speak out after the recent statements of her ex-husband, Fernando Garabán, to the program love and fire about the stability of their daughters. As you remember, they had a 12-year relationship and had two little ones, Doménica and Luana.

At the beginning of November 2020, the conceited Gisela Valcárcel spoke with Estás en todos and gave details of her love affairs, before meeting Julián Alexander, with whom she got engaged a few months ago. At that time, Ethel and Fernando married in 2004 and their marriage lasted only until 2009, having 2 daughters, the couple decided to divorce and take different paths.

“I met my daughters’ father and I have been with him for 12 years. It was beautiful, as a result of that I have my two wonderful girls. It was a fairly long relationship, at 32 I divorced,” he said at the time.

Likewise, Well He was encouraged to give unpublished details of the end of his relationship with Fernando Garabán, with whom he now has a bad relationship, according to the statements made by the photographer to Amor y Fuego.

“I always say it. It was not for anything other than because we got married very young. It is true that you have to have a maturity to cope when love goes down,” he said at that time.

It is worth noting that in an interview with Amor y Fuego, the parents of the two girls do not have a good relationship, and warns her to take care of her daughters: “I do not have good communication with her.”

“I don’t have much communication with my daughters’ mother, I don’t have good communication with her (Ethel), it’s really very complicated, right?… She has complete freedom to have a relationship with whoever she wants, obviously she has I have to be careful with the little girls at home, I don’t have communication with her, how strange,” he said.

Rodrigo González releases that Ethel Pozo “would have done Melissa’s” to her ex-husband

It is worth emphasizing, Rodrigo González revealed the rumor that reached his ears about Ethel Pozo and that it is that the host of América Hoy would have done the same thing as Melissa Paredes to her husband Fernando Garabán.

“You know what they have told me, because reports are like that, former GV employees, who have not left on the best terms, they have given me the data that the ‘Fariselita’ at the time made the one from Paredes to Garaban. That’s what they told me, I don’t know“, he pointed.

Ethel celebrated Creole Song Day by singing with her boyfriend Julián Alexander

Good Peruvians! The television host Ethel Pozo decided to use her social networks to show that she celebrates Creole Song Day. This time, she recorded several videos with her future husband Julián Alexander singing songs by national artists.

“That you left when you left, come back, come back even if it’s to say goodbye, don’t let me die without saying goodbye”Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander can be heard singing in their Instagram story, they both sang the notes of the well-known song sung by fight kings ‘Came back’.

The father of Ethel’s daughters asks her to be careful after seeing Julián with them

Fernando Garabán decided to break his silence for the first time for television and spoke about Ethel Pozo’s relationship with Julián Alexander, who, as is known, will marry soon. The Amor y Fuego entertainment program launched a controversial preview of its next edition where they will bring to light the statements of the former son-in-law of the host of america television Gisela Valcarcel.

This time, Fernando garaban He was quite uncomfortable when talking about Julián Alexander and hinted that he did not think of the relationship between the producer and his daughters. In addition, he warned Ethel Pozo and asked her to take care of her two girls. “I don’t know who can bring the mother of my girls into her house, but it’s her house, but she has to be careful because she has two girls there.í”, said the ex-partner of the presenter of América Hoy who was encouraged to speak for the small screen.

Ethel Pozo's ex-partner and father of her daughter breaks her silence.

Ethel swears she’s not jealous of her boyfriend and Janet trolls her

Ethel Well is living a great moment after committing to Julian Alexander, but not everything would be fine, as evidenced by Janet Barboza LIVE due to a statement she made.

“I have always said that I am not jealous,” she declared. Ethel Welland this surprised Janet Barboza, who told her that their relationship could be in trouble, as the psychologist Lizbeth Cueva explained at the time about Melissa Paredes and Gato Cuba.

Ethel Pozo looks calm after statements by her ex-husband Fernando Garabán

Ehtel Pozo, despite the statements of her ex-husband Fernando Garabán, was quite calm, as she shared some snapshots of the last family dinner she had.

Ethel Pozo celebrates the 34 years of Gisela Valcárcel on TV

He showed him his love! Gisela Valcárcel is celebrating her 34 years on Peruvian television and her daughter Ethel Pozo could not stop celebrating this great achievement LIVE. Señito’, and the host took advantage of the latest edition of América Hoy to honor her.

“On October 28, 1987, Gisela was born to change television, and we are going to celebrate it as it deserves. 34 years of my mother. Today she celebrates and we remember it,” she said Ethel Well. “On October 28, 1987, Gisela was born to change television, and we are going to celebrate it as it deserves. 34 years of my mother. Today she celebrates and we remember it,” she said Ethel Well.

The popular

Ethel Pozo swears not to be a gossip and psychologist does not believe anything: “Therapies do not work for everyone”

Ethel Pozo usually does not want to give her opinions on different topics, but she always ends up doing it and now she surprised LIVE by making a revelation that the psychologist Lizbeth Cueva would not have believed. It all happened in the latest edition of América Hoy, this Thursday, November 4. The drivers had been discussing the rumors, and first it was Janet Barboza who was happy to admit that she likes gossip.

“I love finding out about the news, the chimi chimi, the run runes, because then I’ll tell you,” he said. However, she did not wait for what her companion would tell her. Without mincing words, Ethel Well swore not to be a gossip. “Gossip is not good, one should have his life”and this caught the attention of the psychologist Lizbeth Cueva.

The psychologist Lizbeth Cueva came to América Hoy again and put Ethel Pozo in trouble by asking her what she would do in certain situations.

Giselo destroys Janet Barboza and Ethel Pozo LIVE: “You don’t work without me”

It should be remembered that recently Giselo reappeared on the set of america today after a few days absent and hit his companions Janet Barboza and Ethel Pozo with a stick for “not being able to carry the show”.

“Thanks to my cuchurrumiquinas who have asked me to be here (on set). You do not work without me. Thanks to my people who support me and cannot be without me every day,” he said Edson Davila.

Giselo sends a hint to Melissa and swears to Ethel that he will never deny her as a friend: “So the rooster crows”

It should be remembered that without mincing words, days ago Giselo He also sent a hint to his former partner Melissa Paredes, telling her Ethel Well that he is part of his circle of friends, and he will never deny it.

You are upside down sister. You are my soul sister. I will never deny you. This is how the rooster crows.” sentenced Edson Davila LIVE, and his comment generated laughter from his companions.

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Julián Alexander does not choose a dessert prepared by Ethel and she reacts

He didn’t like his decision. Like every weekend, the host Ethel Pozo shares special moments with her family and with her future husband Julián Alexander. However, the couple went through an awkward moment that was recorded on their social networks.

With all these delicious things, I don’t know what I would choose. I think it’s right here“Julián Alexander said at the beginning. In this regard, Ethel Pozo interrupted:”And mine, my flipped cream”sentenced without imagining her boyfriend’s response. “But my love this looks richer”, said. In the end, the driver finished: “You went too far.”

Ethel Pozo was surprised with the choice of Julián Alexander.

Ethel Pozo hits Chabelita with a stick LIVE: “The beginning of your relationship with Christian was a mistake”

Do not tell her! Isabel Acevedo was crowned the winner of Queens of the Show, and she is happy, but she is still reminded of her relationship with Christian Domínguez, and this was evidenced thanks to a comment from Ethel Pozo. In the latest edition of América Hoy, this Monday, November 8, the popular dancer came to the set as a guest and was received in style with a crossing of swords, in the same style as royalty.

Nevertheless, chabelita he did not count on what would come next. She was being praised for Ethel Well after his triumph in queens of the show, when she reminded him of his past relationship with his partner. Without mincing words, the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel was against the start of this romance, since it occurred when he was still in a relationship with Karla Tarazona, and therefore destroyed it.

Ethel Pozo was filling Chabelita with praise after her triumph in Reinas del Show, when she recalled her past relationship with Christian Domínguez.