Ethel Pozo claims to feel “IGNORED” by her husband Julián Alexander after getting married [VIDEO]

Trouble in paradise? Since they decided to unite their lives, Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander in sacred marriage, the couple remains closer than ever, and proof of this is the constant romantic stories on social networks. However, a last publication of the conceited by Gisela Valcárcel would have stumped his followers.

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Apparently the Host of ‘America Today’has felt “displaced” by her husband’s new passionJulian Alexander. And it is that the producer of ‘Two Sisters’ is more concerned about the World Cup Qatar 2022 that has just started, like hundreds of Peruvians.

As is known, the football show It started on November 20 and runs until December 18, 32 teams will play the soccer tournament for the long-awaited cup.

And this would not like Ethel Well, as she claims to feel ‘ignored’ by football. She thus she let it be glimpsed, the driver on her social network, where she had no problem showing how her husband is more attentive to the matches than to her. In the clip, it is also possible to appreciate ethel with a slightly uncomfortable face and asks his followers the following:

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“Who else feels ignored by soccer?” Was the query he made the communicator in the description box. It is worth emphasizing that, Ethel Well leaned on the legs of Julian to be with him.

Ethel Pozo and Valeria Piazza had the same ‘Wedding Planner’

Recently, the host Ethel Pozo confessed in her program that she was amazed with the decoration of Valeria Piazza’s marriage and revealed that they both had the same “wedding planner‘.

“Indeed, we have the same wedding planner, but we didn’t pay 2×1, each one paid the full rate,” he commented. Ethel Well on your show America Today.